The Chemicals Division of CBC (Europe) GmbH specialises in the import and export of Chemicals as well as Plastics and Resins both in Europe as well as abroad.

Being the German subsidiary of CBC CO., Ltd., a leading supplier of chemical products for over 90 years  and still expanding its global operations, we dispose of strategic partners in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Eastern Europe and are thus able to provide a diversified portfolio of intermediates, chemicals and API’s from pilot to commercial scale production as well as synthetic resins, rubbers and finished products providing a wide range of applications.



Looking for environmentally friendly food package gas barrier?
Looking for PVDC alternative material?

Not only gas but also high moisture barrier performance.
  1. Environment friendly product (mono material makes easier to recycle and reduce carbon foot prints)
  2. Work well with water base resin or PVA.
  3. Meeting with food standard regulations.
  4. Giving better sustainable solution. 

Synthetic Mica: The performance of Somasif ME300B4T



Transparency and Haze check

1. Put the binder-coated film on the backing paper.
2. Take a photo from above.



Would you like to try the PVDC replacement sample?